Brew your beer at home
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How to brew your own beer

What you need :

  • Specialty grains
  • Hops
  • Malt extract (liquid or dried)
  • Yeast (varieties all depend on the type of beer you are brewing, and these ingredients are all available in kits)

Preparation :

  1. Clean and everything that is going to come in contact with your beer
  2. Rinse off bleach before using items using very clean potable or distilled water. .

Brewing :

  1. Put any specialty grains into a grain bag (a mesh bag to contain the grains - like a tea bag, only a lot bigger) and steep them in the large stock pot in three gallons of hot water around 150 degrees F (66C) for about 30 minutes. .
  2. Add the malt extract and bring everything to a boil. .
  3. After you have boiled the liquid (called wort - pronounced wert), you need to cool it as quickly as possible
  4. Pour the cooled wort into your fermenter


Botting :

  1. After a week or so, the activity from the air lock will slow to a crawl. .
  2. Use your cleaned and sanitized plastic tubing as a siphon to transfer the beer as quietly as possible (little or no aeration) from the fermenter to the bottling bucket with the priming sugar solution in it - try not to get any of the sediment (trub) from the fermenter into the bottling bucket. .
  3. Attach your cleaned and sanitized bottle filler to your clean and sanitized plastic tubing, the other end of the tubing attaches to the bottom end of the spigot. .
  4. Get your thoroughly cleaned and sanitized bottles ready. .
  5. Store the bottles for at least a week preferably two at about room temperature. .
  6. Refrigerate..
  7. Open, pour carefully into a glass (leave about a quarter inch in the bottle - the sediment tastes a little yeasty and will give you serious beer farts). .

Your brewed beer is ready now.

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