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Home Brewing Kits

Here is list of top home brew kits available in market today. The data is collected by various survey firms and hence the list is accurate based on user experience.

  2. E.S.B Extra Special Stout : E.S.B 3kg RANGE
  3. Coopers India Pale Ale (IPA) : Thomas Cooper Brewmaster Selection
  4. TCB Wetpak - American Pale : COUNTRY BREWER
  5. Coopers Stout : ORIGINALS
  6. E.S.B. American Pale Ale Fresh Wort : FRESH WORT KITS (St Peters Brewery)
  7. Muntons Irish Style Stout : PREMIUM RANGE
  8. Muntons Yorkshire Bitter : CONNOISSEURS RANGE
  9. Morgans Blue Mountain Lager : EXPORT RANGE
  10. E.S.B Irish Red Fresh Wort Kit : FRESH WORT KITS (St Peters Brewery)


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